Wheel Alignment Service in Pelham

What is Wheel Alignment Service?

It is important to keep up with the maintenance schedule for your particular make and model. Just one of these essential tasks is wheel alignment service. Ensure your vehicle is safe and efficient on the roads of Hoover. If your wheels are not aligned correctly, it can cause your tires to wear unevenly. Uneven tire wear leads to having to replace your tires more often. In need of a wheel alignment near Meadowbrook? The automotive experts at the Riverchase Kia service center would be more than happy to assist you. 

What Happens During Wheel Alignment Service? 

Just what is involved when it comes to 4 wheel alignment or front wheel alignment? One of our highly-skilled technicians will make adjustments to the suspension system of your vehicle so that each tire is facing straight ahead. Below are the areas that can be adjusted during wheel alignment service.

  • Caster – Angle of the steering axis 
  • Ride Height – Distance between the road and the frame of the vehicle 
  • Toe – Relationship between a tire’s front and rear end
  • Camber – Tire’s inward or outward tilt 

Service Info

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How Often is Wheel Alignment Service Necessary?

Fortunately, wheel alignment service is a task that is performed on an as-needed basis. As you drive through Bessemer and Birmingham, your wheels may become misaligned due to potholes, worn ball joints, or simply wear and tear. Since there is not a specific recommended interval for wheel alignment service, is there a way to tell if a 4 wheel alignment or front wheel alignment is needed? There are a couple of warning signs to look out for:

  • Steering wheel is off-center when driving straight 
  • Vehicle pulls right or left
  • Uneven tire wear

If any of these warning signs occur, we recommend setting up an appointment with us.

Wheel & Tire Care is Stress-Free with Riverchase Kia

Is it time for wheel alignment near Hoover? Our knowledgeable technicians are here to get your vehicle running at its best in no time. Contact us today for more information, and don’t forget to check out our current service specials. Wheel and tire care is affordable and stress-free at our Pelham service center. 

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